Your Dentistry Guide For Electric Toothbrushes:
Are They Any Good?

Have you ever noticed a superfluity of electric toothbrushes filling up a rack in your local pharmacy or super store? There are several electric toothbrushes that claim to serve you several different purposes. Some offer “ultra – sonic” cleaning, some offer to dance around in your mouth in different directions, claiming to clean sideways, clock wise or anti clock wise and those that oscillate. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered if these are any good? Here is your dentistry guide to help you with buying the right electric toothbrush.

Electronic toothbrushes are relatively quite expensive than the regular ones. Hence, when you buy your electric toothbrush you should make sure that you get the exact value for your money. Moreover, you should also be sure that such an expensive toothbrush is treating your teeth and gums way better than your usual day to day toothbrush. How to be sure of all this stuff?

A recent research carried out by the collaboration of Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Sheffield states that among all the various kinds electric toothbrushes available in the markets today, only the rotation – oscillation electric toothbrush is most reliable and most successful. The round head of the rotation – oscillation brush makes it whirl backward and forward in small bursts. Nevertheless, other researches also conclude that a regular manual toothbrush is equally significant if used in the same rotational manner.

The success of electric toothbrushes is still on the high as many people prefer buying these kinds of toothbrushes for many psychological reasons. It somehow, keeps them more contented. Regular toothbrushes might be equally good as electric toothbrushes nevertheless, people still buy it because it is easier to use and a lot more fun to exercise in your mouth.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, people prefer the electric toothbrushes on the regular manual toothbrushes because we live in a world of gadgets and are somehow, addicted to electronics. Take a look around, you will find all different sorts of gadgets surrounding you such as your mobile phone, your IPod, your LCD and many others. So why leave your bathroom shelf gadget-less right?

Apart from people, who use these electric toothbrushes for fun, such toothbrushes are exceptionally helpful and beneficial for the disabled and their care takers. People with restricted body motion can also avail full benefits of such a toothbrush. Electronic toothbrush can cost up to £100 and more. You can spend depending on your need and your pocket!

Oral hygiene is absolutely necessary in order maintain good dental health. Your toothbrush might be very tech savvy but you’re the one who has to do the job. Having an electric toothbrush doesn’t mean your teeth need less care. Brushing teeth twice daily for 2 to 3 minutes is necessary.

With electronic toothbrushes your back teeth are easily reached and cleaned. Nevertheless, you should still use mouthwashes and flossing. Remember that electric toothbrushes are just another helping aid for dental health.

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