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Dear Colleagues


If you are an NDA member you will know by now from our last newsletter that the 2020 NDA Congress will not be taking place as per usual. However, the ExCo has not been sitting idle, and we have a new plan in the works.


Although we would have liked to go on as normal there are just too many factors that prevent this. The largest of these being the travel restrictions that will impact many of our traders as well as most of the speakers we had lined up.


Based on the responses we got from the survey that we conducted earlier in the year, we have had to come to the following decisions:


We will postpone the NDA Congress “Holistic Dentistry: Treating the Patient, not just the Tooth” to September 2021. Provisionally our dates for this will be 23-25 September 2021 at the Windhoek Country Club, and we hope to see you all there in full health next year!


However, we still want to offer our members a chance to learn something new and to earn some CPD points despite the world having gone haywire. The HPCNA has confirmed that there will still be CPD audits for 2020 despite the global travel and gathering restrictions.


In light of this we would like to arrange a one-day digital congress. The theme for this congress will be  “Apocalypse Congress: Let’s learn something while the world ends” .


We will host our Apocalypse Congress on Saturday 26 September 2020 on an online platform.

If you are an NDA member you can attend our congress free of charge, the invitation will be sent to you before the date. Please indicate to us if you are interested in attending this online congress, as our speakers might like to adapt their lectures depending on how many people are in their virtual audience and based on which professions are represented in this audience.


We have reached out to our traders and requested lectures and webinars that we can use for this purpose. We have already received some favourable responses and are confident that we will receive a good repertoire that includes something for everyone. Additionally, we want to appeal to any of you who would be willing to present a lecture topic to please contact us. You can do it live or as a pre-recorded lecture. We will structure the lectures/webinars in a programme with specific times for each one, (like with our normal congresses) and with this we can then also apply for CPD points for anyone attending.


In order to receive your CPD certificate there will be some rules regarding “checking in” to confirm attendance. We all know that with an online platform it is easy to log in and then leave your computer running in the background while you do something else, but since that is not the idea behind organising this opportunity to learn we will periodically check to see if you are still there. More details on this will accompany your invitation.


As per the responses to the survey we will also be postponing the AGM to our regular congress in September 2021. However, if you have any urgent matters that you feel need to be addressed before then please do let us know so that we can make an appropriate plan for this.


Please make sure that your NDA membership is up to date so that you can make use of this opportunity.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.




Dr Sanchia Jauch


Namibia Dental Association


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