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Dental History in Pictures

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Galleries covering the following topics:

Historic people in dentistry - Picture gallery of people that played important roles in the history and development of dentistry

Dentistry in art - Gallery of artworks depicting dentistry

Oral hygiene - A picture gallery showing the promotion of oral hygiene in history

Antique dental instruments - Instruments used in dentistry in earlier times

Dental equipment & furniture - Development of dental equipment from the 18th century onwards

Dentures through the ages - A collection of dentures used during various periods in history

Development of the Airotor - A collection of advertisements of air driven dental drills

The 1950s & 60s brought huge advances in development of air driven turbines. John Bordern's high-speed air-driven contra-angle handpiece, the 'Airotor' of 1957, obtains speeds up to 300,000 rpm and is an immediate commercial success, launching a new era of high-speed dentistry.

Ergonomics & posture - New ideas and designs in dental surgeries and equipment

From the 1940s to 1970s much research was done on ergonomics and posture in dentistry. This not only lead to modern surgery design but also to some very futuristic ideas.

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